Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Products in the Planning Stage

I am going to be changing my product lineup slightly. I will still be selling everyone's favorites: Large Tote Bags, Small Tote Bags, and One-of-a-Kind Clutches. I will be adding T-Shirts into the mix!

These T-shirts will be artfully dyed, designed, printed, and embellished by me personally! I am planning on using 100% Organic Cotton shirts that have not been treated with any harmful chemicals, and using only natural, earth friendly dyes.

Because of my commitment to selling products that are high quality I am in the process of finding the best quality shirts, dyes, and printing inks I can. Once in production, I will post images of my new T-shirt line, hopefully completed in time for some Holiday Craft Fairs.

So check back often!

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